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Personal Growth

We all place limitations on ourselves. How we approach those limitations determines whether or not we are able to grow as a person. Drawing on insights from the  behavioral sciences, these talks cut to the core of our psychology so that we can overcome the barriers preventing us from growing as individuals.   

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever been in a room full of your colleagues and felt like everyone belonged there except you? You try to fit in, but you worry that, at some point, they’ll discover the truth: You’re not as qualified as everyone assumes you are! You’ve worked so hard to get into the room, but once you’re exposed as a fraud, you’ll be ostracized and kicked out.

What we don’t realize is that even those who appear supremely confident in their abilities often harbor the greatest doubts. Why do so many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy? Why are we prone to underestimate our abilities? In this talk, we explore the psychology behind imposter syndrome, how it inhibits our ability to reach our potential and the strategies we can employ to overcome those thoughts and feelings. 


Changing from the Inside Out

Have you ever worked hard to change something you didn’t like about yourself? Maybe you wanted to lose weight; maybe you were drinking too much; maybe you wanted to curb your spending habits; whatever the change, it was a struggle to transform your habits and embrace a new normal.

Very often, when we attempt to change our behaviors, we neglect to ask a fundamental question: Where did these bad habits originate? Often, when we change a behavior, we are addressing a symptom of the problem rather than the cause. In this talk, we explore the root cause of how behaviors manifest in our lives; methods to address those issues; and the most effective ways to change our behaviors to become the best person we can be.

The Box

When we are growing up, most of us are told that we can do anything that we set our mind towards. Our teachers tell us that, if we do well in school, we could be the next president, an astronaut, or a brain surgeon. By high school, most of us discover we are not destined for any of those occupations. We adjust our expectations to achieve something more within our abilities.

Yet, this realization that we can’t do anything we set our mind towards can seriously undermine our ability to reach our potential. When we place ourselves inside of a box, we place limits on ourselves without even realizing we’re doing so. In this talk, we discuss how negative expectations of ourselves defeat our potential for growth. Moreover, we explore strategies to expand our horizons so that we can break free of the box we’ve built for ourselves. 

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