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Leadership Presentation


Whether you are an executive visioning the future of your company or a manager supervising employees, positive leadership is a critical component of any organization's success. Alex has numerous talks designed to inspire, guide and encourage the leaders of your company to reach their full potential.


Personal Growth

We all place limitations on ourselves. How we approach those limitations determines whether or not we are able to grow as a person. Drawing on insights from the  behavioral sciences, these talks cut to the core of our psychology so that we can overcome the barriers preventing us from growing as individuals.   

Office Talk

Workplace Dynamics

Every organization has numerous types of personalities working together. Sometimes these personalities gel; other times they create conflict. Navigating these friction points is essential to creating a positive work environment. Alex has designed several talks that address the conflicts and toxic personalities that often sink organizational harmony.  

The Leap


Sometimes your team needs to be reinvigorated and inspired to believe in themselves. Alex has designed a series of talks that will help the members of your organization to feel as though they can rise above the challenges in their personal and professional lives.


Specialized Talks

If there is a topic that your organization wants covered at a conference, don’t hesitate to contact Alex and ask if he can construct a talk for your specialized needs. Alex has spent years performing research for hundreds of speeches and presentations and always welcomes the opportunity to venture into new areas of knowledge that require study and preparation.

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