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There are a growing number of people in the 21st century who reject religion. They view religion as a remnant of an age when humans lacked scientific knowledge of the universe. And yet, many of those same people feel a spiritual connection to the world around them. They know exploring that connection is the key to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. There’s just one problem: Without religion, where does one start their spiritual journey?

In his follow-up to Restorative Faith, Alexander Lang provides a starting point. Through new research on the science of consciousness, Lang casts a renewed vision for modern spirituality. Restorative Beauty empowers the reader to discover the source of their spirituality, while also providing practical steps to enhance their feeling of connection with the world around them. 


The goal of Restorative Beauty is to guide you, the reader, towards the ultimate spiritual experience—the oneness of all things; a moment of transcendence where there is no division between you and the rest of the universe.

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Restorative Beauty Trailer

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