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Whether you are an executive visioning the future of your company or a manager supervising employees, positive leadership is a critical component of any organization's success. Alex has numerous talks designed to inspire, guide and encourage the leaders of your company to reach their full potential.

Courageous Leadership

Being a leader is incredibly challenging. A lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders. You are continuously called upon to make difficult decisions. What is the best way to navigate those decisions when they determine the future of your company? How do you choose the best path forward when every path has consequences and drawbacks?


In this talk, we discuss the stressors that fall on leaders and how those stressors can lead to bad decisions. Bolstered by historical examples of business leaders in numerous industries, these innovators and entrepreneurs found success through acts of courageous leadership. Each story conveys a unique lesson that will not only help the leaders of your organization be more effective decision makers, but will also help them to create an environment where everyone is striving towards their potential.  


Thinking Partners

A recurring problem among leaders in many organizations is the tendency to fall prey to “group think”. People reporting to a leader become afraid of challenging them. When a leader proposes a solution and the workplace culture never questions or vets the decisions, that organization will eventually stagnate.

Good leaders need someone who challenges their perspectives and directives. Likewise, good leaders are willing to challenge others in their organization to think differently. In this talk, we will explore how to create a culture of open dialogue where leaders are given the tools to empower Thinking Partners: People within the organization who will help leaders innovate through strategic dialogue.

The Art of Critique

Everyone has areas where they can improve. As a leader, you are often called upon to provide feedback to those whom you supervise. The problem with providing feedback is that no one likes to be criticized. Yet, being able to hear criticism is essential for our growth as individuals and the long-term success of our organization.


In this talk, we discuss how leaders can create an organizational culture where the feedback loop is not only appreciated, but encouraged and welcomed by employees. We will also cover various methods for providing structured feedback so that these critiques are heard and implemented. Whether dealing specifically with executives, managers, or employees below the managerial level, this talk is helpful for your entire organization.

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