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Workplace Dynamics

Every organization has numerous types of personalities working together. Sometimes these personalities gel; other times they create conflict. Navigating these friction points is essential to creating a positive work environment. Alex has designed several talks that address the conflicts and toxic personalities that often sink organizational harmony.

Trigger Happy

In our work environments, we interact with numerous personalities. Some of these personalities are pleasant and easy to navigate while others test our patience. Indeed, there are some personalities that trigger the worst in us. Not only do we find working with these people cumbersome and challenging, but their personalities negatively impact our working environment.

What is the underlying cause of these triggering relationships? Most importantly, how do we effectively navigate these relationships so that both people can fulfill their roles without undo friction? Utilizing insights from Systems Theory and personal anecdotes from working in large organizations, this talk is designed to leave the listener with practical tools to enhance their workplace environment and interpersonal relationships. 


Overcoming the Communication Chasm

Effective communication is one of the most important keys to fulfilling relationships, yet many people struggle to convey their thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Often, we lack the proper organization and vocabulary, which can result in frustration, misinterpretation, and sometimes, total misunderstanding.

After hundreds of speeches, I have discovered several simple communication techniques that will instill confidence that your message is landing with your audience. Whether you’re giving a presentation, a speech, teaching a class, or simply writing an email, this talk will enhance your communication skills so that the communication chasm no longer inhibits your ability to successfully disseminate your ideas.


The Benefits of Conflict

Most humans naturally avoid conflict. An argument between two people will often clear a room because the emotional discomfort is too intense for the observers. The idea of confrontation is so anxiety inducing that many people avoid these hard conversations. Yet, what is often overlooked about conflict is the opportunity for learning and growth.

A point of friction means that we can learn about what really matters to ourselves and others. This journey of discovery is essential to enjoying success in our personal and professional lives. In this talk, we explore strategies of conflict resolution and compromise that will allow for both parties to feel heard and appreciated. Whether you employ these strategies at work or home, they will transform your relationships, ensuring your mental and emotional well-being.

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